Kitchen 2024 trends

Often considered the heart of the home, designing a kitchen is about creating a space that is functional but reflective of your personal style.

We have installed kitchens in all shapes and sizes and love how each one is unique to the build but also the client. Here’s are some kitchen trends to look out for in 2024.

Bold colours

If you like colour, it’s best to go bold in 2024. With hundreds of new products entering the market, customers now have off the shelf options in vibrant shades to add personality into their kitchen design.
Bold colours in a Missiato renovated kitchen

Curved edges

Curved edges can soften a space. Where sharp, clean lines are typically associated with kitchens we are seeing a shift thanks to the various worktop options allowing easy and bespoke designs.
Curved edges softening a space in a Missiato extended kitchen

Black countertops

To add depth and sophistication consider pairing black worktops with black cabinetry for a statement finish.
Consider black countertops for a statement finish. Missiato extension.


Texture across walls and surfaces compliments matte cabinetry perfectly and allows you to stretch your imagination with options. Exposed plaster, bold wood grains, exposed brick or microcement are often great choices.
Texture examples from a Missiato Kitchen

Less Grout

Traditionally tiled back splashes where the most common choice in kitchen design with endless tile options on the market. Now we are seeing a shift to exaggerated statement slab back splashes in various materials, reducing maintenance with minimal grout lines whilst adding an eye-catching elegance.
Minimal grout in a Missiato kitchen renovation

Sustainable choices

As we seek out more sustainable choices when it comes to our lifestyles, this can also be applied to kitchen design. With a focus on craftmanship to reduce consumption, we will continue to see a shift to selecting materials that are long lasting with a lower carbon impact.