Continuously working with Bristol homeowners to give vital extra space and the wow factor.

Building an extension to your house in Bristol

If you have the space to the rear, front, or side of your property in Bristol and need a larger house, building an extension can be a great alternative to moving home. You avoid the stresses and excess costs like stamp duty, whilst getting to model your current home to your exact liking.

We are continuously at work with homeowners in Bristol, designing and building prestigious extensions to their property that add some wow factor as well as the vital extra space they need.

What type of extension do you need?

It is surprising how much you can do to extend your home without needing planning permission. A popular choice is going out to the back with a single-storey extension which opens up a kitchen area and family room beautifully. Or if you are looking for an extra bedroom too, two-storey extensions with planning permission can be explored.
Extensions can be motivated by a growing family, a need to work from home or simply because you feel there is something missing from your house. Whatever it is, if that extra touch of quality is important to you, then our award-winning service is for you.

Meeting a premium spec

We offer a complete service including the plans and designs. When you ask us to take care of this, as well as the build, it is usually more efficient because we can ensure that the designs are realistic to the latest materials prices and availability.
We can advise you on all the latest trends and solutions, to ensure your extension is up-to-date and will stand the test of time. This includes sustainability, both to meet green regulations, your own goals and ensure that your extension and whole house is as cost-efficient to run as possible.

Contact us to discuss your house extension in Bristol

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