Spotlight on new building materials: Microcement

In the world of interior design, there is a constant search for materials that can transform spaces adding an air of luxury. Microcement has rapidly gained popularity in recent years for its versatility, adaptability and stunning visual appeal and is being used in all types of building projects.

What is Microcement?

A decorative cement-based coating that can be applied to various surfaces, in various textures and colours. The finish gives the appearance of concrete or stone. It has the added benefit, if properly seeled, to have waterproof properties and is tough, stain and scratch resistant.
Microcement is a decorative cement-based coating

Where can it be used?


Flooring – can be applied over existing surfaces. It is a cost-effective way of creating a polished concrete floor effect without additional structural supports

Walls and ceilings – used to create stunning accent walls
Countertops and kitchen islands – resistant to stains, scratches and heat

Bathrooms – Its waterproof properties makes microcement the perfect material to costing bathrooms, walls and floors. Low maintenance eliminating grout lines!

Microcement has versatile uses

Who can install it?

To achieve the best results microcement should be installed by trained professionals who have experience with the process and application. Missiato design and build are fully trained in microcement and have applied microcement across numerous projects, including the new Missiato Estates office creating a dramatic, textured accent walls.
Microcement at the Missiato Estates offices